Hosta 'Wiggles & Squiggles' -  Wiggles & Squiggles Specimen Hosta

Hosta 'Wiggles & Squiggles' - Wiggles & Squiggles Specimen Hosta

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One of the most popular perennial for the shade gardens. Hostas offer an amazing palette of colours, sizes and textures. They can be used in beds or containers. A unique looking hosta that lives up to its fun name! Bright yellow leaves are very long and thin and notable for their incredibly wavy margins. It forms a low, wide habit that really highlights the "wiggly" edges. Leaves will be more chartreuse green in more shade: for best yellow color, plant in a site with morning sun and afternoon shade. Lavender flowers.

EXPOSURE: Full-Partial Shade
BLOOM TIME: Summer, Foliage
SIZE: 8" x 24"