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Grass Seed - Supreme Feed + Seed

Grass Seed - Supreme Feed + Seed

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Supreme Feed & Seed
A quality, all-purpose organic fertilizer and seed in one!
  • Rich in N and P; two primary nutrients essential for turf growth
  • Highly versatile and easy to use
  • Ideal for overseeding lawns and restoring bare spots
  • Ingredients are safe, non-burning sources of plant nutrition
  • Promotes superior grass seed germination and seedling nutrition
Top Cut® Organic
Kentucky Bluegrass
Fine Fescue
Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass
Annual Ryegrass

Seeding Rate: 1KG/250SQ.FT.

Seeding Tips
Overseeding your lawn every year will help thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn and is the best way to fight weeds. 
  • Seed germinates best when soil temperatures are 17°C (62°F) or higher.
  • Water seed consistently for 14 days after planting.
  • Best time to water your lawn is early in the morning.
  • Avoid puddles of water when watering.
  • Never allow the soil where the seed is planted to dry out.
  • Initial growth of the seedlings should take place between 10 and 14 days providing there is adequate moisture and soil temperature is ideal.
  • Seed cannot germinate without seed to soil contact.
  • Rake the soil surface before applying seed.
  • Avoid burying the seed too deeply.
  • Spread the seed evenly.