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Mulch - GrowBetter Gardens™ Magnificent Mulch – Mocha Brown

Mulch - GrowBetter Gardens™ Magnificent Mulch – Mocha Brown

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GrowBetter Gardens™ Magnificent Mulch – Mocha Brown is a rich brown mulch made from recovered forest products. Its rich brown colour beautifies gardens and provides a complementary background to plants and shrubs.

Product & Horticulture Benefits

  • Excellent weed control – Helps control weeds where chemical control cannot be used.
  • Increases soil retention – Helps conserve soil moisture, moderating the effects of extreme temperatures.
  • Beautifies gardens – Rich brown colour complements gardens and provides a beautiful background to plants and shrubs.

Use around trees, shrubs, and flowers once plants have developed. Leave a 2-3” space around tree trunks, home foundations, and wood structures. Mocha Brown Mulch should be applied at a 3” thickness to achieve the desired weed suppressions and moisture retention. Annual top-up is recommended due to the natural decomposition of mulch. To optimize colour, turn the top 1” of mulch with a fan rake if it appears dried out after a period of time.

Wear gloves and wash hands with soap and water after use.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest. Read label before using.

Ingredients: Recovered forest products, natural colorant.