BRN Classic Canadian Pine Mulch

BRN Classic Canadian Pine Mulch

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BRN Classic Canadian Pine Bark Mulch is a unique un-dyed mulch made from selected pine bark.  It is a by-product of the Canadian forest industry and blends beautifully into any landscape or garden.  BRN Classic Pine Bark Mulch will help reduce weeds, adds organic matter to help enrich soil, improves soil moisture retention capabilities and helps protect plants from harsh weather.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply to a depth of 2″ inches thick if topping up last year’s mulch.  Apply to a depth of 3″ inches thick if applying mulch to a garden that has not been previously mulched.  To optimize colour, turn the top 1″ inch of mulch with a fan rake if it appears dried out after a period of time.

How much do I need?

Bulk Materials can be ordered online for loading into open truck beds or open trailers at our store when selecting CURBSIDE PICKUP at check out.


LOCAL DELIVERY can be selected and our base charge is $50 at checkout.  For addresses within close proximity a $20 delivery refund will be applied once we process the order. 

At checkout please enter delivery instructions in the notes by answering the following:

When facing your house from the street:

1. Do you want your material dropped on the left or right side of the driveway.

2. Do you want your material dropped closer to the garage or to the street.

PLEASE ensure that on your selected delivery day all vehicles and obstacles are free from the drop space. Thank you.

If you are more comfortable ordering your bulk materials with an associate or if you would like to know which soil or mulch you have ordered in the past and/or how much, we are happy to look this up for you.  Please email us at:

Single Drop: There is only 1 drop location per delivery.

Split Loads: Split load deliveries (mixing bulk soil and/or bulk mulch) will require extra delivery charges. We will contact you when processing the order.