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Planting Rhubarb

Rhubarb stalks are both delicious and easy to grow, making rhubarb an ideal addition to your home garden. With its winter hardiness and minimal maintenance requirements, rhubarb is a great choice for both experienced and novice gardeners.


How can you start growing rhubarb in your garden?

To start growing rhubarb in your garden, purchase a root or plant in early spring. Some varieties we love for a successful harvest include: Canada Red, Red Champagne and Victoria.


What are the key steps to planting rhubarb?

Planting rhubarb is a straightforward process. Choose a sunny location with very well-draining soil. Space multiple roots about 60-90 cm apart to allow for proper growth. Dig generous holes and enrich the soil with compost or organic fertilizer to promote healthy plant development.


Why is rhubarb a low-maintenance plant for Canadian gardens?

Rhubarb is rarely bothered by insects or diseases, making it a low-maintenance plant for Canadian gardens. Its winter hardiness allows it to withstand harsh temperatures as low as -40°C in Zone 3. As a perennial plant, rhubarb goes dormant in the winter and regrows each spring, providing a bountiful harvest year after year.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a thriving rhubarb plant in your garden, providing you with delicious stalks for pies, jams, and other culinary delights!